Insight Alcedis: Specification with Isabel

Published: 01.24.2024


Trust and collaboration play an essential role for Isabel, who works in Alcedis' Specification. In this interview she tells us about her daily work.


Who are you?

Name: Isabel

Department: Specification

With Alcedis since: Summer 2018


Main area of responsibility: In the Specification, we mainly take care of the development of the eCRF (electronic case report form) on the basis of the study protocol. We gather a lot of information and requirements from different areas, for example from the clients, the project manager or the biometricions. We then incorporate these into the development of the appropriate eCRF.


How did you start working at Alcedis?

"I moved to Gießen for university. In the Bachelor's degree, I focused mainly on the field of health sciences. In the Master's, I added the topics of data analysis of movement data and programming. It was clear to me that I would like to work in this field. After I graduated, I found the perfect job at Alcedis. This allowed me to combine my interests from both degree programmes."


What makes you a good colleague? What do colleagues like about you?

"In my daily work, I always try to integrate many people into the ongoing processes. That way everyone can contribute, together we achieve the best result."


And now take a critical look at yourself: What did the team have to get used to with you?

"In new situations, I am often more reserved at first and look at everything carefully. But if I have taken colleagues to my heart, a day has gone well or there is something to celebrate, for example when we see each other again in the office after home office time, I can also be very exuberant. I think these differences confuse some people at first."


What distinguishes Alcedis as an employer for you?

"Alcedis puts a lot of emphasis on the team feeling, which I liked from the beginning because it made me feel comfortable right away. This sense of community encourages us to work towards the same goals and we have similar ideas about good cooperation. That makes a lot of things easier and more pleasant. In addition, from the beginning I felt a huge trust from the others that I was doing my job well, from colleagues and superiors alike. This has encouraged me to constantly develop and optimise my work. And, of course, it leads to a very positive mood in the workplace."


How have you personally developed at Alcedis?

"When I started at Alcedis, I worked in the Test Team to first get to know the company's IT environment. After that, I switched to Specification and was given different tasks that allowed me to grow. In the meantime, I take care of my own projects, which automatically come with more responsibility. I also have ideas for the further development of our core system and can implement them in cooperation with colleagues and superiors. I have also been able to significantly improve my work processes: I have many different tasks in diverse projects that I want to complete in one day. In order to get everything under one hat and not forget anything, prioritising, structuring and flexible rescheduling are essential in project work. Through the daily small and big challenges, I will continue to practise this every day."


What fascinates you about your job at Alcedis?

"I have a great interest in the health sector in general and explicitly in clinical trials. Currently, the topic is getting a completely different level of public attention than before. That's why I find it all the nicer to be able to advance research.

But what really fascinates me is the clinical trial project itself. Many different areas and people come together to work on one goal. There are project managers, doctors in study centres, monitors, biometricians, data managers, pharmacovigilance, IT and many more. We as CRO are the hub between all these areas and their requirements for the study - that we hold all this information and people together so well with our processes and our work, networking and moving it forward so that the project is a success, I think is really great."